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Our specialty is managing complexity. When you need a project done right, our team can help.


People make the world go round and people photography is one of my specialties. Photographing actors or getting great executive head shots, my ability to see and capture the very best part of you is a gift. My rapport makes you relaxed, makes your eyes light up and tension from a forced smile, go away. If you have ever wanted to treat yourself to special session of just you, let’s talk. If you’re into more creative art, we can collaborate on a boudoir photography session, fashion experience or just you in a relaxed environment. Many people looking to fill their social media profiles and influencers needing on-going content have selected me to be their brand photographer.

Corporate and Event Photography

When capturing a company’s history is part of its legacy, many companies choose my photography services for their corporate events. Photographing annual Sales meetings, Key note speakers, trade shows, awards ceremonies, graduations, board meetings and staff photography all fall under my corporate photography scope of work. When you only get the team together once a year, don’t trust it to cut price photographers fulfilling a side gig. Choose me because my corporate experience and portfolio of work speaks to the results. Want a photographer that can handle a crowd? A CEO? Or Company golf outing? I am you photographer.

Action Sports Photography

Sports photography and people in Action have been my calling card into other photography genres. Excellence at capturing people and products in action is a result of my lifetime pursuit of athletic endeavors. Knowing a sport, understanding game situation prepares me for the shot by allowing me to predict the next most likely impact moment. I have been fortunate to shoot for the NCAA, MLB, AMA Supercross, AMA Road racing, World Cup Mountain Bikes, World Championship Velo Drome, NHRA Drag racing, Off Road Racing and many regional and local events. If you are looking for photographic action sports coverage for a Team, an individual, an event or a product I want to be your guy.

Product Photography

Shooting for amazon, a corporate brochure, web site or all of the above. I photograph products in the studio where lighting is controlled or out in the field with products in use. In today’s e-commerce world so many product decisions are based on first impressions that photography is not the place you want to cut corners. It is your calling card to the consumer. Think about when you are shopping on Amazon, Alibaba or eBay. What moves you to buy one product over another? Even if both products are identical? The product photography that looks professional wins every time.
From high end restaurants and real estate to start up web stores, I will photograph your business or product in the best light and in the most efficient manor possible.

Photography Management
Professional management of your shoot is part of being a professional. I co-ordinate models, research locations, obtain permits, manage assistants, hire make-up and hair specialists and get props.

Social Media

The buzzword since 2020 – many people have discovered social media as a past time (and time killer) and it’s a great, cost-effective marketing platform – for the right kind of businesses done the right way.

Professional social media is so much more than just putting up posts every day or every hour. To make it work for you or your business, you need to target an audience based on real research and audience identification based on Facebook, IG, Tic-Toc and Twitter’s terms, not yours.

Maximizing the success of your program also requires taking the time to write engaging and relevant posts and responding to your followers in a timely manner in a tone that matches your brands voice.


Getting email spam promising to get you on the front page of Google? Us too! We receive the very same emails you do and guess what, how are they going to deliver for you when they can’t even figure out how to NOT send emails to their competitors.

SEO is a true moving target. With search engine changing their ranking values all of the time, playing the SEO game takes a commitment of time to make it work. And it can work, with the right strategy, the right assessment of your website and a realistic budget.

A strategy for ranking your site is based on many things including the platform you are using or wish to use, your content, the competition for your key words, the age of your website (older is better) and the nature of your business (on-line store vs. service provider)

Video Production

We don’t only do video, but it’s where we shine the brightest!  Why? Because video requires a wider array of skillsets compared to any other type of project. Just one weak link in the chain shows in the final video, so it’s a lot to get right! Not only do you need an effective marketing message, but you also need to deliver it in a way that holds your prospects’ attention to the end.

Clutch Communications produces over 3,000 videos each year, and to do that we’ve built an elite team of technical experts at each stage of production, including copywriters, producers, directors, shooters, editors, audio techs, and animators. Even hair & make-up, because we’re the kind of team that manages all the details.

Sales Process Support & Integration

Sales – this is what our agency was founded on. As former, in-the street- sales professionals we knew what clients wanted to know in order to make a buying decision and we knew what they needed to know to reinforce our product/service advantage and differentiate us from the competitors.

Everything we create falls under this umbrella. If its not trying to drive a reaction or add value to your brand, it doesn’t get created.

When a response is generated, what happens next? Does it go into your sales funnel? Is that customers information captured? Then what?

We will walk through process with you to develop or fine tune what you have so that your marketing budget doesn’t go to waste generating leads that fall through the crack.

Strategy & Messaging Development

At Clutch Communications, we always start with strategy. Ultimately, it’s the words we use and the meanings we convey that lead prospects to make a purchase decision. That’s why our team of strategists and copywriters is trained to adapt your sales message into a narrative structure you can use to create binge-worthy content in any context, including videos, your website copy, emails, conferences, social media, advertising and more!

Why narrative structure? Because it aligns with the sequence of thoughts people have during the sales process.  Our brains are wired for story, so we lean into human psychology to hack attention spans and help prospects make purchase decisions before they speak with sales.

Website Copy, Design & Development

Have you heard the horror stories of web developers going out of business with clients’ website?  Or even worse, ownership of the domain?

Clutch has been developing websites as early at 1996. We are proud of that – 25 years and we are still at it. Now its just part of our digital skillset.

Make a chart of services with strategy – ?? to compare to competitors. Published photography, clients for 20 years, TV production and airing no. of websites?
Highest sales volume website, visitor site, average conversion rate???

Content Creation

2 reasons why you want to have us on your team.

  • If you have ever tried doing content creation you know it takes an enormous amount of time and consistently posting and responding to your audience. This is probably not how you envisioned running your business. You do what you do best and we will do what we do best and we will both win.
  • We are professional content creators that live in this space. That means, it’s not just one or two lucky images, it is consistently good images a with targeted messages based on your goals. Since we live in the world of media and content we monitor what’s trending to give us a better perspective which drives our strategy.

Business & Brand Clarity

Marketing impacts every aspect of your business and by default is the most critical element in your success. Without business clarity or brand clarity, success is nearly impossible.

Believe it or not, few businesses have clarity when it comes to their purpose, processes or identity. All business must move forward to survive, but also keep their eye on the ball or risk going down costly and unproductive paths.

We boost your business by helping you get clarity in two areas.

Business Clarity
How is the business doing? What is your main purpose for being in business? These are hard question to answer when you are mired in the swamp. We ask them. Standing in that impartial space fully engaged in your success and providing a fresh perspective and ideas but removed from company logistics and individual excuses.

Brand Clarity
What is your business story? What brand position do you occupy in the marketing place? Are you happy there?
Does your entire team tell the same story? Does your forward-facing marketing communications showcase your strengths and stay consistent to the story? Are you taking advantage of the right media, both social and traditional?
We provide expertise and answers to these questions and more.

Our Partners

To date, over 50 international companies have believed in the Clutch Communications by increasing their sales through an alternative channel of rewarding their consumers.