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Marketing and Brand Development for Small & Medium Size Businesses

Creating clarity for your brand and a functioning sales funnel for your business.

Founded in 1995


In Menlo Park California just above one of the local coffee shops, , Clutch Communications (started off as ID Advertising) was created. It was created after achieving national sales honors and asked by his largest clients to handle their advertising.
Initially focused on print advertising and graphic design, the firm started programming websites with help of Stanford students that same year. Clutch was one of the first firms to ever put pictures on websites and has continued to guide clients in all forms of digital needs.

Why Choose Us

This isn't a fad or a trend to us, we have been doing this for decades and we are good at it.
We’re straight shooters and we are practical without the expensive agency price tag.
We create the plan and we execute the plan.


Full service when you need it, project based when you don't. See the list below


You control if you want us to be your CMO or simply guide you in setting up your social media.
We are here to help you.


Think outside the box visually and strategically to achieve big numbers is what we like to do.


It's your business, you tell us what you are trying to do and we will give you the tools to execute it or we will do it for you.

Service We Provide

Every service we offer, we have direct experience and expertise in. Your business, customer and type of goods or services will all influence our recommendation for you.

Social Media

The buzzword since 2020 – many people have discovered social media as a past time (and time killer) and it’s a great, cost-effective marketing platform – for the right kind of businesses done the right way. Professional social media is so much more than just


Getting email spam promising to get you on the front page of Google? Us too! We receive the very same emails you do and guess what, how are they going to deliver for you when they can’t even figure out how to NOT send emails to their competitors

Video Production

We don't only do video, but it's where we shine the brightest! Why? Because video requires a wider array of skillsets compared to any other type of project. Just one weak link in the chain shows in the final video, so it's a lot to get right! Not only do you need

Sales Process Support & Integration

Sales - this is what our agency was founded on. As former, in-the street- sales professionals we knew what clients wanted to know in order to make a buying decision and we knew what they needed

Strategy & Messaging Development

At Clutch Communications, we always start with strategy. Ultimately, it's the words we use and the meanings we convey that lead prospects to make a purchase decision. That's why our team of strategists and copywriters

Website Copy, Design & Development

Have you heard the horror stories of web developers going out of business with clients’ website? Or even worse, ownership of the domain? Clutch has been developing websites as early at 1996. We are proud of

Content Creation

2 reasons why you want to have us on your team. If you have ever tried doing content creation you know it takes an enormous amount of time and consistently posting and responding to your audience. This is probably not how you envisioned running your business but know you need it.

Business & Brand Clarity

Marketing impacts every aspect of your business and by default is the most critical element in your success. Without business clarity or brand clarity, success is nearly impossible. Believe it or not, few businesses have clarity when it comes to communicating and acting in sync with who and what they are.

You Get a Complete Solution

Most of our clients have talented people on their teams, in addition to other agencies and vendors. We integrate well into existing teams, but we also take responsibility for our work and will speak up when we see an opportunity for growth. Many clients use us as their "video team" or "website team" "content creation team" because those are some of the hardest things we do. But really, we're here whenever you need a project done right.

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