Clutch Communications


Marketing impacts every aspect of your business and by default is the most critical element in your business. Without business clarity or brand clarity, success is nearly impossible.

Believe it or not, few business窶冱 have clarity when it comes to their purpose, processes or identity. All business must move forward to survive, but also keep their eye on the ball or risk going down costly and unproductive paths.

We boost your business by helping you get clarity in two areas.

Business Clarity
How is the business doing? What is your main purpose for being in business? These are hard question to answer when you are mired in the swamp. We ask them. Standing in that impartial space fully engaged in your success and providing a fresh perspective and ideas but removed from company logistics and individual excuses.

Brand Clarity
What is your business story? What brand position do you occupy in the marketing place? Are you happy there?
Does your entire team tell the same story? Does your forward-facing marketing communications showcase your strengths and stay consistent to the story? Are you taking advantage of the right media, both social and traditional?
We provide expertise and answers to these questions and more.